The Best Fudgy Keto Brownies (SUPER EASY TO MAKE) Only 2g Carbs

These super eäsy to mäke keto brownies äre super low in cärbs, fudgy änd häve ä dense änd creämy texture thät melts in your mouth. To mäke the brownies, we use älmond flour, chocoläte, butter änd they äre the best low cärb dessert ever – only 2g cärbs.

In less thän 40 minutes you häve the perfect keto brownies thät äre the ideäl compäny for ä cup of keto coffee or your fävorite teä.

Brownies äre one of my fävorite keto desserts, chocolätey änd chewy. You’ll be surprised to find out thät the ingredients we äre using äre low in cärbs änd super eäsy to find. You’ll need only seven low cärb ingredients:

  • älmond flour
  • keto äpproved sweetener/päleo sweetener
  • high-quälity därk cocoä
  • därk chocoläte (99 percent would be perfect)
  • butter, gräss fed to mäke the brownies heälthier
  • eggs, to bind everything up
  • ä pinch of bäking powder

The brownies äre sugär-free, gluten-free änd with ä few switches, you cän mäke them päleo compliänt too.

They läst for ä week in the refrigerätor. You cän älso freeze the brownies änd eät when cräving ä chocolätey keto dessert.

If you wänt to use ä different sweetener, just täste test änd ädjust it to the desired täste.


  • 1/2 cup älmond flour
  • 3 eggs ät room temperäture
  • 12 tbsp butter softened
  • 1/4 cup därk cocoä powder
  • 2 oz därk chocoläte
  • 3/4 cup erythritol
  • 1/2 tsp bäking powder


  1. Preheät oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Line with pärchment päper än 8×8-inch bäking pän covering the bottom änd the sides.
  3. In ä bowl mix the butter änd the därk chocoläte. Microwäve for 30 seconds or let the mixture melt on ä double boiler.
  4. Meänwhile, combine the dry ingredients: älmond flour, sweetener, cocoä powder, bäking powder.
  5. In ä big bowl beät the cräck the eggs änd beät them with the mixer.
  6. Ädd the butter änd chocoläte mixture änd continue mixing.
  7. Slowly mix in the dry ingredients, until you get brownies bätter consistency.
  8. Tränsfer the bätter to the bäking pän änd bäke for 15-20 minutes. Depending on the oven you häve the bäking time mäy väry. You’ll wänt to check the brownies from minute 15 to mäke sure you ären’t overbäking them. The center häs to be slightly moist when touching.

Cän you repläce älmond flour with coconut flour?

For this recipe änd the säke of greät texture, I don’t recommend using coconut flour. Coconut flour äbsorbs liquid very quickly änd you mäy end up with dry keto brownies. However, I’ve got änother greät keto brownie recipe with coconut flour for you.